Top Ten Favourite Make-up Products


I’ve been trying to think of ideas for my very first blog post and I think this is just the thing. I absolutely love make-up but I’m afraid I’m not very adventurous – like for instance I re-purchased the same GOSH face primer 4-5 times and only changed when I ran out on holiday and thus picked up this one from the local boots (which I liked but it ran out really quickly :/)

I love to pick up new things and try them out but I tend to stick to my favourites, hopefully that will change through the course of this blog 🙂

So Here are some of my favourite beauty products.  

Urban Decay Naked Palette.  

PicMonkey Collagekfh

Swatches L-R : Sin, Sidecar, Half Baked, Toasted.

Okay I know, this is the most cliché of products and I’m probably the last person in the history of forever to buy/talk about it but it’s so gorgeous and I have yet to stop myself from reaching for it when doing my make-up (my other eye-shadows are feeling horribly neglected)

My favourite colours in this palette are Sin, Sidecar, Half-Baked and Toasted.

I like to wear Sidecar in the outer corner and the crease of my eye. With Virgin at the inner corner of my eye, Sin in the middle of my eye and a little touch of Half-Baked towards the outer corner to brighten the look up (gold lightens up blue eyes.)

I got mine in a Debenhams in Brighton for £37

Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Intense Black. 

PicMonkey Collage bb

Before the world discovered the beauty of Gel liners I tried many different eye-liners with varying success before I settled on this one  which I re-purchased again and again and used for a good 3 years. But then I saw an advert in a magazine for the Maybelline gel liner and went out to buy it – magazines might be a little influential towards what I Buy 🙂 – , for someone like me who is a bit rubbish with eye-liner  this was a dream product! On my first try it wasn’t coming out as well as I wanted it to so I put the included brush aside and reached for my angled brush and low and behold! I could really get in there and create a more defined eye a lot easier than using a liquid liner (I use a black eye-shadow to create the line before going at with the gel.)  

You can get this Here 

PicMonkey Collagejj

L’oreal Infallible Eye-shadow in Goldmine.  

Here’s where I tell you a little fact about me  – I love glitter  – and I will take it in any way I can, whether that may be eye-shadow, craft glitter, glitter glue, on clothes – you name it and I like it.

So of course I love a super pigmented eye-shadow packed full of glitter.

This was my first time trying a L’oreal eye-shadow and I look forward to trying out other shadows in their line.

You can get this Glittering Gold eye-shadow at boots for £6.99

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory 

I bought this product in September (on a bogof offer giving the other one to my sister) and its only the second concealer I’ve ever bought (I know) I was kind of put off buying one for a long time because the first one that I did buy didn’t really work for me, It was a cheap one from Natural Collection in stick form and essentially it fell apart when I opened it.

I am really enjoying this one though, I just use a brush to dot it on any spots and use the wand and a make-up sponge to brighten up under the eye. I can definitely see myself buying this again.

Get this at boots for £5.49 

 Coastal Scents 88 Eye-shadow Colour Palette in Ultra Shimmer. 

I really think that everyone that wears or is interested in make-up needs this palette. It has every colour of the rainbow and every colour has at least three different shades.

I will never be bored of this palette and I might seek out some of the others to try in the future.

My favourite is a pretty butterscotch yellow colour which is third one down on the first row and I have unfortunately hit pan on that one. 🙂

On ebay for £19.99

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter In Lollipop, Strawberry Shortcake and Berry Smoothie. 

OMG – I am forever in love with these butters, I actually got my first one (strawberry shortcake)  as a present in Christmas 2012 from my mum.

I do have quite a fair amount of lip glosses/sticks but sometimes I feel a bit silly wearing them out the house (anyone else?) but because these are a bit like an opaque lip balm I can just slick on a coat and it be subtle enough for me not to worry.

I look forward to owning them all lol.

Can be bought here for £7.99

PicMonkey Collage jjjl

Boujour Paris Volume Clubbing Mascara in Absolute Black.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black. 

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in Black.

I like to layer on different mascaras to get the ultimate dark lash look and these three have really been doing it for me. I use Smashbox as a base to create the shape and then the Benefit to lengthen and finally use the Boujour to thicken.

I got the Smashbox one in a ‘try our best-sellers’ kit in a sample size – you can find that Here for £19.00 

My Benefit one is also a sample size – from an issue of Elle Magazine – but you can buy that full size Here for £19.50. 

The Boujour one I bought in boots for £7.99

Benefit That Gal. 

This is my Holy-Grail of Make-up products. I used up the whole tube of a sample I received and plan to buy the full size very soon. On the packaging it calls itself a ‘brightening face primer’ but I found myself wearing it without foundation on lazy days or on the apples on my cheeks for a added glow and highlight on top of foundation.

You can find this lovely product from boots and other places for £20-£27

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten!