Come What May



The month of May has been a bit of a quiet month for me so I’m afraid this month’s favourites aren’t the most exciting ones ever, but they are my favourites never the less :).

Nails Inc nail varnish in Sugar Loaf



I am a lover of Nails Inc polishes and because sometimes it’s hard trying to justify buying them at £11 a bottle, I absolutely love the fact that they can be found elsewhere at the fraction of the price!

My collection is actually made up of bottles found at boot sales and those that come with magazines (full size) and it’s wonderful because they seem to be free gifts in magazines often.

This gorgeous Sugar Loaf pink one came with Instyle’s June edition. The consistency of it is thick and creamy which is surprising to me because Nails Inc varnishes are usually quite liquid-y.

It lasted on my nails for over a week with the help of Essie Good to Go Top Coat  which I applied once every day,  (I read online that you should do this if you wanted to make your polish last longer and it worked!).

When I first applied it on my nail it was a bit streaky but that went away after a few seconds. I found that on my nails two coats had the best result.

This colour is now in the top three of my favourite nail varnish and I actually want to apply it again right now!


    Hair Clamp Clips 


 When I was in high school loads of girls would do their hair with these and I never knew where to find them, I looked everywhere – supermarkets, Superdrug, Boots, you name a place and I’ve probably checked there :).

So I was very excited to find them in my local Primark at the beginning of December and have been wearing them ever since.

Sadly they do that thing that bobby-pins and hair bobbles do where you buy loads and then they all go missing (how do they do that?!?) and I happened to be down to my last one and then they all magically turned up again  which probably means I should put them back where they belong before losing them again.

This pack came with two leopard, two black, and two pink which means one is still missing 😦

But seriously just pull your hair into a tight pony (without a band) twist and clip with one of these bad boys and you have created one of the most comfiest hairstyles ever.

   Pink Flannel


I recently watched a Evening skincare routine video on YouTube and the the girl used a flannel to wash her face after cleansing and talked about how that she found that using a flannel exfoliated her skin a little further and made her skin look and feel better in the long run.

This did make me curious because I always used to associate flannels with children after using them throughout my childhood and stopping as a teenager.

But not anymore! After buying a pink one from Tesco I tried it after cleansing my face with my balance me cleansing face wash and I have to say that my face has never felt as soft and as clean as it does after using it!


Sanctuary Spa Body Butter



 So I am a big lover of trying before buying (isn’t everyone?) and love getting my hands on a sample of something that I want to try.

I think that this sample came as a gift for signing up to the Sanctuary newsletter? I can’t remember exactly but it’s worth having a look!

I was incredibly surprised by the size of this Sanctuary Body Butter sample and I was totally expecting a little itty bitty thing that lasts one application. I love getting a larger sample; it’s fantastic because you can really try something out before investing.

I’m rubbish with describing scents so I’m just going to say that it smells rather lovely and not over powering at all. When I wake up the morning after applying it – I apply it once a day, before bed- my skin definitely feels nourished and hydrated.

I am definitely going to buy a full size tub of this after nearly using this one up, and yesterday I was window shopping on the Boots website and found a deal going on where if you buy £10 worth of Sanctuary products you get a free 300ml (full size) tub of the body butter. (sample size is 50ml)


                                                                  May Non-Beauty favourites

I have been loving Superfruit’s Beyoncé medley in which they sing all the songs off of her latest album aptly named BEYONCÉ and I have had it on repeat for the last couple of days because it’s wonderful and just basically music porn.



That’s all for May peeps, I hope this has been enjoyable for you and I hope to see you again next month 🙂

Also if you have any recommendations for anything or if you want to share some of your favourites for the month of May feel free to leave them in the comments :).