Mini Haul and Review : Barry M Nail Varnish

Barry M’s Pink Glitter 50th birthday varnish & their Nail Paint in Fuchsia 302


Last March I saw this gorgeous nail varnish reviewed/swatched by makeupsavvy and absolutely fell in love. This polish contains a few of my favourite things in both life and nail varnish: glitter, sparkle, and the colour pink. 😀

So when I searched my local Superdrug and didn’t find it I was gutted and then promptly forgot about it. Fast forward nearly a year later and it randomly pops into my head and I’m thinking ‘oh you’ll never find it’ because it was limited edition, so I searched Ebay and Amazon for it and couldn’t find it and was about to call it quits (again) when I thought maybe I should google it, which should of been the first thing to check, and you know what the first thing that came up was? Yup, a link to the Superdrug site to buy the damn thing. #dumbass

I ordered them both online from Superdrug and they arrived safely, tightly secured with bubble wrap and with the latest issue of Dare Magazine which I thought was a nice touch.

Before buying the glitter polish I looked at some lovely blog pictures just to make sure that it was definitely something I wanted and I found a blog post by britnails suggesting picking up Barry M’s ‘Fuchsia’ to use as a base colour before layering the glitter on top as they are quite similar in colour. I am really glad that I took her advice because I have fallen in love with both shades separately and together.

I am a big fan of blue-toned pinks and didn’t realise that the varnish would be so when I saw pictures online so that was a welcome surprise. I was actually really surprised by how opaque the polish is, I was expecting it to be more of a topcoat and assumed that it would need several coats until it became opaque and then would eventually become really thick. But No! It reached opaque-ness at two coats and with three coats it was perfect. It was very easy to apply the glitter particles and the formula allowed for the glitter to cover the whole nail.

The fuchsia became an unexpected winner for me with the colour (kinda reminds me of raspberry jam :D) and the glossiness really winning me over. I did prefer using fuschia as a base because I could build up the glitter as I wanted it without worrying about the colour being opaque enough. Also I preferred the texture of it that way as opposed to the three coats of glitter.

Overall, I am very impressed with both of these nail varnishes and even though I haven’t been much of a Barry m lover in the past I think that these might have officially changed my opinion on the brand. Maybe I should buy more just to make sure :D:D:D

You can buy Fuchsia both in store and online and the Pink Glitter 5oth Birthday varnish online here.