Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Day 2: 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Macaroon. 


Another day another door! 😀

IMG_0296Today’s present is a ultra shiny, ultra shimmery lip gloss in a lovely coral pink colour called ‘macaroon’.

I own pretty much every shade of pink of the colour spectrum in lip glosses/sticks/balms etc. However this gloss (as I said earlier ^) is a very coral pink and is not a colour already in my collection so that’s a win (YAY!!!!)

Also I have a very good feeling that this lip gloss would go excellently with a smoky eye.



IMG_0300(just bought this plate from tk maxx, it’s sooo pretty)


It is a ‘mini’ gloss  – compared with Picnic In The Park’ but for someone who owns a lot of lip products and never really finishes them (me) this is the perfect size.

And with a smaller size you can fit more in to wherever you put your make up bits and you can buy something else as well! thats justifiable right??





Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Day 1:  

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eye Shimmer Pot in Creme Brulee.


Back in October I was browsing Superdrug.com and I stumbled across this advent calendar. As a viewer of Tanya’s youtube channel I was immediately intrigued.  I had been looking to buy a beauty advent calendar this year and the price (£15) and my past success with her make-up line drew me in. (I loooove her picnic in the park lipgloss)

From it’s snow frosted glitter roof to the bush shaped from cosmetic products, this is seriously one of the prettiest advent calendars I have ever seen.

And can we just note how it looks like both a pretty little cottage and a big ol’ mansion at the same time!!?



Today’s prize from the calender was a little eye shimmer pot in Creme Brulee.

It’s a very pretty (a tad powdery) milk chocolate brown colour that is shimmery but not sparkly.

The colour reminds me a lot of the Rose Gold shade from the Naked On The Run palette so Dupe Alert!!! 😀




I’m planning on opening a door every other day in the run up to christmas so I’ll see you on the third  ♥

A Day Of Shopping & Haul: Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Lush, Waterstones, Primark & More Haul

January shopping Haul

Last week I did a bit of shopping with my sister and I thought that I would share my lovely purchases with you  ♥

The reasoning behind the trip was that I wanted a few things for a night at the theatre (my Mum bought myself and my sister Wicked tickets for my sisters birthday) including a bra, dress and shoes. Typically I ended up buying a few more things. 😀

One of the days we went shopping we decided to do dinner & a movie as we were both really wanting to see Into The Woods. We ended up going to Wetherspoons which was right next to the cinema, the film didn’t start until eight and because we had dinner quite early and stupidly left our lovely comfortable seats we had to sit on uncomfortable chairs in the lobby for more then two hours!!!!! Why we didn’t go back to the restaurant for drinks i’ll never know 😥 . Nethertheless, the film was wonderful and had me and my sister laughing. I think that the best bit was the Princes’ song where they look like something straight out of a 90’s boyband video :D.

I’m quite picky with food and normally stick with the same things but I decided to try something new and have the Alfredo Pasta and then for dessert chose to have American Pancakes with Maple Syrup for dessert while my sister had a Chicken Burger & Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Also, I love the plates! Look at how pretty they are!

Weatherspoons & Into The Woods

008 006 new 3

Black Patent Leather Bow Flats ~ Primark ~ £6

After the tedious job of bra shopping (#boring) I went to various shops to find a pair of black shoes, simple right?, Nope! the pair that I originally had my eye on online from River Island ended up not being my cup of tea. 😦

After looking virtually everywhere, I thought when in doubt Primark! And I found these patent ones as soon as I stepped foot in the shoe section.

012 New 2

It took my ridiculously long to find a dress, which was a bit ridiculous because my only requirement was that it was black. For some reason every dress that I tried on in every shop wouldn’t fit me on the shoulders (an area that has never troubled me before)  so I was pretty much dis-heartened and trying to think of something in my wardrobe that would work, and then I popped into Evans and found this dress (on the sale rack as well!). You can’t tell from this pic it has silver glitter running though it something that is an added bonus for me!. I’m so glad that I went in when I did because it was literally the last one on the rack -i’m just happy/lucky it fit -unfortunately it’s not available on-line anymore 😦 I also picked up a bluey green shirt/dress but I cant find it online and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to take a nice pic of clothes 🙂

Lovedrobe Black Texture Flared Dress ~ £25 ~ (originally £45) Evans 


(picture taken from Evans website)

Waterstones & The Works Books 

Admittedly,  I don’t think i’ve ever walked into Waterstones without buying anything 😀 but these books have been on my wishlist for a while now and I couldn’t resist! Also The Works were having a liquidation sale and we found two books which would have cost £27 altogether RRP :O

*Top three are from Waterstones & bottom two are from The works*

027  024  025

023  028  026

Boots : L’oreal Pure Colour Dazzling Colour and moisture shampoo & Dove Hair Therapy colour care conditioner.


I had tried both of these products before separately and absolutely loved them so I decided to try them together and so far i’m really happy with the result! My hair looks really sleek and shiny and I would definitely re-purchase.

Lush Bath Bomb & Cream 

No shopping trip is complete without a trip to Lush right? Haha that’s what I try to tell myself anyway. I decided to limit myself to one thing and after much deliberation between the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment and the Lonely Heart Butterball  I chose the Love Locket Bath Bomb because you can take three baths with it!

You just have to break it apart (and use both sides for separate baths) and there is another gorgeous little love heart bath bomb inside!

The Love locket bomb smells like Vanilla & Palma Violets and when broken little light and dark pink love heart confetti floats in your bath. The fact that it glitters (the glitter doesn’t get on you) and turns the bath water candyfloss-pink is just an added bonus! ♥

At the counter the lady told us about a little sample hand & body cream called The Charity Pot that you could buy for a pound and most of the proceeds go to charity. The smell is very subtle and smells mostly of shea butter, it is actually really moisturising and i’m considering purchasing the full size pot of it.

Lush Love Locket Bath Bomb ~ £6.95 & Charity Pot Sample £1

014 new 6 017020   hhh

Thank you for listening to me ramble on 😀


Mini Haul and Review : Barry M Nail Varnish

Barry M’s Pink Glitter 50th birthday varnish & their Nail Paint in Fuchsia 302


Last March I saw this gorgeous nail varnish reviewed/swatched by makeupsavvy and absolutely fell in love. This polish contains a few of my favourite things in both life and nail varnish: glitter, sparkle, and the colour pink. 😀

So when I searched my local Superdrug and didn’t find it I was gutted and then promptly forgot about it. Fast forward nearly a year later and it randomly pops into my head and I’m thinking ‘oh you’ll never find it’ because it was limited edition, so I searched Ebay and Amazon for it and couldn’t find it and was about to call it quits (again) when I thought maybe I should google it, which should of been the first thing to check, and you know what the first thing that came up was? Yup, a link to the Superdrug site to buy the damn thing. #dumbass

I ordered them both online from Superdrug and they arrived safely, tightly secured with bubble wrap and with the latest issue of Dare Magazine which I thought was a nice touch.

Before buying the glitter polish I looked at some lovely blog pictures just to make sure that it was definitely something I wanted and I found a blog post by britnails suggesting picking up Barry M’s ‘Fuchsia’ to use as a base colour before layering the glitter on top as they are quite similar in colour. I am really glad that I took her advice because I have fallen in love with both shades separately and together.

I am a big fan of blue-toned pinks and didn’t realise that the varnish would be so when I saw pictures online so that was a welcome surprise. I was actually really surprised by how opaque the polish is, I was expecting it to be more of a topcoat and assumed that it would need several coats until it became opaque and then would eventually become really thick. But No! It reached opaque-ness at two coats and with three coats it was perfect. It was very easy to apply the glitter particles and the formula allowed for the glitter to cover the whole nail.

The fuchsia became an unexpected winner for me with the colour (kinda reminds me of raspberry jam :D) and the glossiness really winning me over. I did prefer using fuschia as a base because I could build up the glitter as I wanted it without worrying about the colour being opaque enough. Also I preferred the texture of it that way as opposed to the three coats of glitter.

Overall, I am very impressed with both of these nail varnishes and even though I haven’t been much of a Barry m lover in the past I think that these might have officially changed my opinion on the brand. Maybe I should buy more just to make sure :D:D:D

You can buy Fuchsia both in store and online and the Pink Glitter 5oth Birthday varnish online here.

Come What May



The month of May has been a bit of a quiet month for me so I’m afraid this month’s favourites aren’t the most exciting ones ever, but they are my favourites never the less :).

Nails Inc nail varnish in Sugar Loaf



I am a lover of Nails Inc polishes and because sometimes it’s hard trying to justify buying them at £11 a bottle, I absolutely love the fact that they can be found elsewhere at the fraction of the price!

My collection is actually made up of bottles found at boot sales and those that come with magazines (full size) and it’s wonderful because they seem to be free gifts in magazines often.

This gorgeous Sugar Loaf pink one came with Instyle’s June edition. The consistency of it is thick and creamy which is surprising to me because Nails Inc varnishes are usually quite liquid-y.

It lasted on my nails for over a week with the help of Essie Good to Go Top Coat  which I applied once every day,  (I read online that you should do this if you wanted to make your polish last longer and it worked!).

When I first applied it on my nail it was a bit streaky but that went away after a few seconds. I found that on my nails two coats had the best result.

This colour is now in the top three of my favourite nail varnish and I actually want to apply it again right now!


    Hair Clamp Clips 


 When I was in high school loads of girls would do their hair with these and I never knew where to find them, I looked everywhere – supermarkets, Superdrug, Boots, you name a place and I’ve probably checked there :).

So I was very excited to find them in my local Primark at the beginning of December and have been wearing them ever since.

Sadly they do that thing that bobby-pins and hair bobbles do where you buy loads and then they all go missing (how do they do that?!?) and I happened to be down to my last one and then they all magically turned up again  which probably means I should put them back where they belong before losing them again.

This pack came with two leopard, two black, and two pink which means one is still missing 😦

But seriously just pull your hair into a tight pony (without a band) twist and clip with one of these bad boys and you have created one of the most comfiest hairstyles ever.

   Pink Flannel


I recently watched a Evening skincare routine video on YouTube and the the girl used a flannel to wash her face after cleansing and talked about how that she found that using a flannel exfoliated her skin a little further and made her skin look and feel better in the long run.

This did make me curious because I always used to associate flannels with children after using them throughout my childhood and stopping as a teenager.

But not anymore! After buying a pink one from Tesco I tried it after cleansing my face with my balance me cleansing face wash and I have to say that my face has never felt as soft and as clean as it does after using it!


Sanctuary Spa Body Butter



 So I am a big lover of trying before buying (isn’t everyone?) and love getting my hands on a sample of something that I want to try.

I think that this sample came as a gift for signing up to the Sanctuary newsletter? I can’t remember exactly but it’s worth having a look!

I was incredibly surprised by the size of this Sanctuary Body Butter sample and I was totally expecting a little itty bitty thing that lasts one application. I love getting a larger sample; it’s fantastic because you can really try something out before investing.

I’m rubbish with describing scents so I’m just going to say that it smells rather lovely and not over powering at all. When I wake up the morning after applying it – I apply it once a day, before bed- my skin definitely feels nourished and hydrated.

I am definitely going to buy a full size tub of this after nearly using this one up, and yesterday I was window shopping on the Boots website and found a deal going on where if you buy £10 worth of Sanctuary products you get a free 300ml (full size) tub of the body butter. (sample size is 50ml)


                                                                  May Non-Beauty favourites

I have been loving Superfruit’s Beyoncé medley in which they sing all the songs off of her latest album aptly named BEYONCÉ and I have had it on repeat for the last couple of days because it’s wonderful and just basically music porn.



That’s all for May peeps, I hope this has been enjoyable for you and I hope to see you again next month 🙂

Also if you have any recommendations for anything or if you want to share some of your favourites for the month of May feel free to leave them in the comments :).




*Winter Wishlist*


I’ve seen these floating around blogs a bit and I thought that I would make one of my own.

These are some things that I’ve been lusting after for a while and hope to be in possession of soon 😉 #wishfulthinking


1. Smashbox Wonder Vision Mega Palette – £49.00 at Smashbox.com

Okay this is a bit expensive but it has thirty-four eye shadows! I watched Beauty Broadcast’s review on this palette and fell in love. with it – seriously, it’s gorgoeus. With all the different eye shadows you can create so many looks and with the four added blushes it seems like a win to me.

2. Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers – £9.00 at fab.com
Yeah, this seems a little random but look! This ties together my loves of magic and cooking and also makes me look (and feel) like a regular Disney-style Fairy Godmother.

 3. Stardust Drop Necklace – £25.00 at Banana Republic

Diamonds are a girls best friend, right?

I’m not that fussed about necklaces usally so it is really saying something when I yearn for one as much as I’m yearning for this. (yearning is is a weird word – its starting to sound made up.)

This is part of my wishlist because its silver and sparkly and it sets of my Magpie tendencies in the most delightful way 😉

 4. french tip dip – $12

For a girl like me who can just about do all over colour this is amazing. It looks fool proof and i’m always looking for stuff that can help me adapt to my extremely limited skills.

The only downside is that I’m not 100% sure they ship to the uk.

Here’s to waiting!

 5. ‘Clueless’ Sweatshirt – £16.75 at fovever 21.


Okay I admit, Although I have been meaning to watch this movie for a long time I only managed to watch it last month.

I Know I Know – really??

Yeah so I’m a bit late but I have to say that I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with it and it is now one of my all-time favourite movies (up there with Legally Blonde, Princess Diaries and a few others)

So I really really want/need this jumper this winter.

 6. Butter London Nail Varnish in All Hale The Queen – £11.71 at Amazon

I love, love, love glittery nail varnishes and this beige one needs to be on my nails right now 🙂

 7. Disney Princess Lip Smackers £8.00 at Claires

I love disney princesses and I love Lip Smackers – need I say more?

 8. Star-stud-earrings – £4.80 at River Island

So stars are kinda my thang 🙂

and I love super duper glitzy earrings so these are a win.

 9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera – £82.49 at Amazon

This camera is really cute and fun and I love the fact that you can take and then print pictures instantly.

Perfect for on the spot photo shoots.

Thanks For Reading!

*Merry 5th Day Of Christmas*


Top Ten Favourite Make-up Products


I’ve been trying to think of ideas for my very first blog post and I think this is just the thing. I absolutely love make-up but I’m afraid I’m not very adventurous – like for instance I re-purchased the same GOSH face primer 4-5 times and only changed when I ran out on holiday and thus picked up this one from the local boots (which I liked but it ran out really quickly :/)

I love to pick up new things and try them out but I tend to stick to my favourites, hopefully that will change through the course of this blog 🙂

So Here are some of my favourite beauty products.  

Urban Decay Naked Palette.  

PicMonkey Collagekfh

Swatches L-R : Sin, Sidecar, Half Baked, Toasted.

Okay I know, this is the most cliché of products and I’m probably the last person in the history of forever to buy/talk about it but it’s so gorgeous and I have yet to stop myself from reaching for it when doing my make-up (my other eye-shadows are feeling horribly neglected)

My favourite colours in this palette are Sin, Sidecar, Half-Baked and Toasted.

I like to wear Sidecar in the outer corner and the crease of my eye. With Virgin at the inner corner of my eye, Sin in the middle of my eye and a little touch of Half-Baked towards the outer corner to brighten the look up (gold lightens up blue eyes.)

I got mine in a Debenhams in Brighton for £37

Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Intense Black. 

PicMonkey Collage bb

Before the world discovered the beauty of Gel liners I tried many different eye-liners with varying success before I settled on this one  which I re-purchased again and again and used for a good 3 years. But then I saw an advert in a magazine for the Maybelline gel liner and went out to buy it – magazines might be a little influential towards what I Buy 🙂 – , for someone like me who is a bit rubbish with eye-liner  this was a dream product! On my first try it wasn’t coming out as well as I wanted it to so I put the included brush aside and reached for my angled brush and low and behold! I could really get in there and create a more defined eye a lot easier than using a liquid liner (I use a black eye-shadow to create the line before going at with the gel.)  

You can get this Here 

PicMonkey Collagejj

L’oreal Infallible Eye-shadow in Goldmine.  

Here’s where I tell you a little fact about me  – I love glitter  – and I will take it in any way I can, whether that may be eye-shadow, craft glitter, glitter glue, on clothes – you name it and I like it.

So of course I love a super pigmented eye-shadow packed full of glitter.

This was my first time trying a L’oreal eye-shadow and I look forward to trying out other shadows in their line.

You can get this Glittering Gold eye-shadow at boots for £6.99

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory 

I bought this product in September (on a bogof offer giving the other one to my sister) and its only the second concealer I’ve ever bought (I know) I was kind of put off buying one for a long time because the first one that I did buy didn’t really work for me, It was a cheap one from Natural Collection in stick form and essentially it fell apart when I opened it.

I am really enjoying this one though, I just use a brush to dot it on any spots and use the wand and a make-up sponge to brighten up under the eye. I can definitely see myself buying this again.

Get this at boots for £5.49 

 Coastal Scents 88 Eye-shadow Colour Palette in Ultra Shimmer. 

I really think that everyone that wears or is interested in make-up needs this palette. It has every colour of the rainbow and every colour has at least three different shades.

I will never be bored of this palette and I might seek out some of the others to try in the future.

My favourite is a pretty butterscotch yellow colour which is third one down on the first row and I have unfortunately hit pan on that one. 🙂

On ebay for £19.99

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter In Lollipop, Strawberry Shortcake and Berry Smoothie. 

OMG – I am forever in love with these butters, I actually got my first one (strawberry shortcake)  as a present in Christmas 2012 from my mum.

I do have quite a fair amount of lip glosses/sticks but sometimes I feel a bit silly wearing them out the house (anyone else?) but because these are a bit like an opaque lip balm I can just slick on a coat and it be subtle enough for me not to worry.

I look forward to owning them all lol.

Can be bought here for £7.99

PicMonkey Collage jjjl

Boujour Paris Volume Clubbing Mascara in Absolute Black.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black. 

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in Black.

I like to layer on different mascaras to get the ultimate dark lash look and these three have really been doing it for me. I use Smashbox as a base to create the shape and then the Benefit to lengthen and finally use the Boujour to thicken.

I got the Smashbox one in a ‘try our best-sellers’ kit in a sample size – you can find that Here for £19.00 

My Benefit one is also a sample size – from an issue of Elle Magazine – but you can buy that full size Here for £19.50. 

The Boujour one I bought in boots for £7.99

Benefit That Gal. 

This is my Holy-Grail of Make-up products. I used up the whole tube of a sample I received and plan to buy the full size very soon. On the packaging it calls itself a ‘brightening face primer’ but I found myself wearing it without foundation on lazy days or on the apples on my cheeks for a added glow and highlight on top of foundation.

You can find this lovely product from boots and other places for £20-£27

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten!